The History of Shireland

According to a story in The Herald Newspaper,  Thomas Smrt sold the property to Wade Light, a principal for Barrington-based developer L. B. Anderson.  Kane County is in the midstís of ordering the new owner to tear down the buildings, largely because the park has become a hangout for gangs and, recently a photo-shoot background for an adult film star.

I contacted L. B. Anderson Developers and asked to speak to Mr. Light.  After being on hold for an exorbitantly long time, another man got on the phone.  I asked him what they planned to do with the land.  He said they hadn't decided yet.  I (politely, I hope) asked him why they would buy land that they had no purpose for.  He said, "well, that is what we do, we are land speculators.  When something comes up, we will sell it".  It makes me think, albeit only for a minute, maybe that land is cursed.  As soon as anyone buys it, they lose their mind!  Smrt let it set empty for 15 years and now L. B. Anderson will let it set empty until "God-knows-what" happens (LOL).  

Thomas Smrt was (and is, I suppose) a visionary man, but, like many men with vision, his world seems to be rocked by eccentricities and peccadilloes. For more on that, see Thomas Smrt.




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