Dragonwood was a goofy ride which took its participants through the wooded section of the park on a tram.  Various "Dragons" (dolls on strings)  jumped out at the stage coach and a narrator warned us about a myriad of distant tragedies.  Knights (actual men riding actual horses) rode out to "slay" the dragons.

My wife and I still laugh about how corny Dragonwood was.  I asked my daughter who was seven years old at the time  if she remembers Shireland.  She said that she does and was scared by the antics of that took place in Dragonwood, so maybe my wife and I weren't the "target audience"!


Dragonwood Then (1991)


Dragonwood Now 

Actually, that is probably a misnomer.   These building are probably not even there anymore.  


To see a video of Dragonwood press here.  You will be directed to youtube.com.  Press the BACK button on your screen to return.
Thanks to Jamie Killian for providing me with copies of the home movies that his father Jim shot in 1991.


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