Will the Real Thomas J. Smrt please stand up!

This was an e-mail I found on Through The Windshield, a web site about a husband and wife team that drive a truck: 

My name is Dennis and I grew up in suburban Chicago...
Recently I was thinking back about a job interview I went on in 1989...at a place called Shireland, so I did a search, found your posting about it!

As a graphic arts student at the time, I responded to an ad for a 'graphic artist' at the Shireland Theme Park, about 25 miles from my hometown.

It was the oddest situation, as I had to take an 'aptitude' test, the type you take in 8th grade, and the interview was in an old house at the park...once I finished this, I met with the owner in his office,...anyway he wasn't as much concerned about my graphic art abilities, as he asked me if I could paint 'that wall over there'...and at that time I asked exactly what the job consisted of, he didn't like this very much and said "I am the boss here and I ask the questions'...I then said, 'well your not my boss'. He then told me to get out! and on my way out he KICKED ME IN THE BUTT...I was totally shocked, didn't know what to do...I think I shook my fist at him or something like that...and left. A good friend of mine had an the similar interview, we discovered later, with Mr. Smerd.

I was glad to see your posting and that ole Shireland was dried up...I assume Smerd is long gone too, with that kind of behavior, its inevitable.


Longmont, Colorado

(Ed note:  Dennis is, no doubt, referring to Thomas Smrt.  I have never met Dennis and have no way to verify his story, but from my own experiences with Smrt, and from what I know about him, I can easily believe that it happened exactly as described).

Find out, on the next page (allegedly) how Thomas Smrt made all of his money.  

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