Will the Real Thomas J. Smrt please stand up!

Chuck (last name omitted)  is an Urban Explorer.  He enjoys exploring abandoned buildings, malls, bridges, and the like, and takes pictures of them.  Thanks to the Internet, he can post his pictures and share them with other Urban Explorers.  He, like me, is fascinated with Shireland.  When Mr. Smrt finally contacted him , this is what happened:
So, I have been trying to find out info on Shireland and I went straight to the source, Mr. Smrt. I've sent several emails over the past year and have included my phone number. Well, at 7:30AM on a Sunday, Mr. Smrt called me!! It went something like this:

Smrt: Chuck.
Chuck: Yes.
S: This is Mr. Smrt Why do you want info on Shireland?
C: I was just wondering about it's history...
S: Why?
C: Because I have some photos on my web page and a lot of people ask about it...
S: A lot of people have asked me too and I don't have time for it, what do you want to know about it?
C: Do you plan on opening it again?
S: I haven't decided yet.
C: How long was it open?
S: Why? I don't have time for this!!

And the phone hangs up.


(Ed note: Doesn't this beg the question: "Why did Smrt call Chuck if he didn't want to talk about Shireland or if he "...didn't have time for this"?  

It gets weirder, folks! Read On:

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