Big Fire at the Shire

For all of us who held out hope that Thomas Smrt would buy his cheesy little amusement park back from the real estate developers and re-open it can stop hoping.  A fire broke out and destroyed one of the few remaining "main" buildings.  There are two gazebos still standing (one, I suspect is the Merry-Go - Round).  Neither were effected by the fire.  The building that looks like a horse barn and a huge warehouse are some of the few structures left.  Also, there are a bunch of tiny buildings no bigger than phone booths that are laying on their sides.  Maybe a good wind came along and blew them down.  There is still a house sitting way back on the property, that I would love to go into.  

It looks as if, at long last, Shireland has finally gone the way of Dixie Square Shopping Mall and Old Chicago.  It didn't make the newspapers, so there is no way of knowing  how the fire was started, or who was involved.  There will probably be a strip mall there next week.  

Thanks to Christine for the pictures and for keeping me in the loop.  


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