The Aftermath

Ironic, don't you think?  A guy who makes millions creating a spray paint product gets his fairy tale amusement vandalized with his own spray paint!  The park sat empty for many years and served as the de facto home for kids with no other outlet for their creative energies than to vandalize this quaint, albeit defunct, setting.  After a photographer was arrested for taking "adult photos" of a female model on the Shireland grounds, the neighborhood rallied and demanded stricter regulations regarding the land, which eventually led to most of the buildings being torn down. 

 Press Here to see a video of many of Shireland's buildings getting demolished.  


It Gives 
Me Pause...

Okay, so maybe Thomas Smrt is brilliant, maybe he is crazy, maybe he is a little bit of both, but he had a dream to make an amusement park and it didn't work out.  It is pretty clear to me that  he obviously spent millions of dollars creating this place.  Anyone who looks at these pictures can tell that this isn't some "haunted house" that kids  made in their basement with blankets.  There are buildings, souvenirs, brochures, parcel bags, the works. 

When the idea went south, apparently so did Smrt.  In, almost Willie Wonka fashion, he decided to close the park, locked up the buildings and walked away.  He never even went back to see what things he could sell off.  It is almost as through someone said "this place is contaminated with 'Super Kootie-Juice'!  Run for your life or suffer the consequences!"  Keep in mind, all of these pictures are taken at least 10 years after the park closed.  It has the feeling of those movies where a secret chemical has disintegrated everyone in their tracks and there is nothing left but the half-drank cups of coffee and the partially played solitaire games.  

Maybe that is the sign of a great man, to walk away from years of planning and piles of money when the idea goes into the tank.  Maybe I am too Catholic, but couldn't someone be doing something with those chairs and tables?  

Above are some less than ethical Urban Explorers that broke into a building and set up the toys, hats and swords up to take this picture.


Above is the remnants of a much more ethical Urban Explorer took the picture, but left the hat.  

If you have any Shireland memorabilia, I would love to buy it from you (as long as your prices are reasonable).  Please fill out the form under the What do U Remember and I will be happy to respond to you in a timely manner.


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